Maybe I was the first one to know what happened today,..
Here I am, hiding away with my computer, searching for you, and there you are, I am reading all the posts and comments, accompanied by photos that remind us of you, and people are saying their parting message to you.

Maybe it’s me, trying to bring you back here to be with me, I run after you, but look for you in vain. I’m skimming through all our photos together, photos from Daboot, riding, parties, events, dinners, wakesurf, wakeboard, times with great friends at the beach, relaxing, traveling, getting into some trouble, teasing each other, joking around, and the serious moments when we were focused on our work together.

You started to jump in my school, and after, I saved you in my phone as, “Kevin ok” – because as soon as i met you I knew were a great guy! In my mind i knew you were a great rider right from the start, because I could see you were the one who could be tough and true to himself, and you became part of the Daboot family.

It was not yet time to say goodbye, we had so many things we still had to do.

You promised me that we were going to fight it out in Tennis and Wakesurf, and you were going to take me down! Fuck, you promised me!

I want to remember you in the way that we were together, continuously challenging each other. You respected me for what I had done in the past, and for what I was trying to do for the sport in the future, and I respected you for what you had achieved already and how much you were going to achieve in the future.

We always liked the same things and always agreed on everything, but we never agreed it would end like this! Its not fair!

Kevin, we love you, Spaca Tut!


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