After being in Spain to train at Maikel Mellero’s park, Leonardo Fini and Davide Rossi have been to Linz to enter the pre-qualification to the European Championship.

The race took place not without tension for the two, given the imminent passing away of their friend Kevin Ferrari. Manage this bad situation was very difficult, but the two have been so good to get the first place (Davide) and the second (Leo), leaving behind them many names which seemed to be the favorites.

With this placement the two had the chanche to participate to the main race of the next day, valid for the European Championship.

Leo and David have proven to be ready for to face the big names of the circuit, and finished respectively ninth and tenth on the first night, and vice versa the second.

Leo has also got a 7th place in the Saturday afternoon race (not valid for the championship); Davide instead has also attended the race whip, reaching the semifinals.

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