With the beginning of 2015 also the commitment of Alvaro as judge has started again.

Alve has participated in several events of the IFMXF circuit, starting from Sofia, Bulgaria, in early January and then passing through Austria with the two stages of the European Championship in Linz and Graz.

The next date on the calendar will be the Masters of Dirt, in Vienna on 20 21 22 of February. Alvaro will be there with part of the Da Boot team: Massimo Bianconcini, Jason Cesco and Simone Cesare with his Piaggio “Ciao” moped. On 6 and 7 March he will judge the first leg of the IFMXF World Cup in Berlin.

On February issue of X Off Road magazine there’s, as usual, the montly column written by Alvaro. This month he wrote about evolution of freestyle, and which direction our sport is going.

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