Give youth a chanche! Davide Rossi will be the star of the next episode of TV format “Nissan The Quest“, in which the olympic champs Antonio Rossi and Jury Chechi will see him in action, not on FMX ramps,, but on the snow of the Dolomites Mountains.
Davide will show us how to use a motoX bike set for snow, complete with a rear cingulate and a front ski for driving. Thanks to the team work of Max Tosi and of Superpak crew who helped to shot this wonderful and singular episode. On air Tuesday, March 17th at 18:45 on Italian broadcast SKY SPORTS 2.

Besides having gained fame as “big” freestyle snowmobile rider, and being one of the few in the world to perform the backflip on a sled, thanks to his athletic and personal skills Jason Cesco has earned a presence on all advertising material of 2015 Masters of Dirt tour.
Big ups Jason, we hope to see you soon at work during these very exciting appointments!

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