Alve’s “Candy Edition” Bike exposed in Alpinestars factory’s showroom continues, almost a year after its creation, to generate interest on social media; this bika has one of most innovative and influent designs in motocross and fmx scene.
In the meantime, the next move is already in the works; who knows what kind of bike we can expect this time? There is talk of a new design, but above all a change of brand and model.

The FMX School season is started again, with already two classes the past month. The request for this initiative is always big, and the number of participants is growing.
2015 schedule will be intense and plentiful of events. There’s some big news in the next period, we will reveal shortly what are we talking about.

X Off Road, as every month, writes about freestyle. The monthly column written by Alvaro is always interesting in its content, it’s really worth to give it a read!
Also Night of the Jumps – IFMXF world championship’s mag contains a contribution written by Alve, on his work as a judge.

These are Alvaro’s commitments for the next future:
– on April 10 and 11 in Basel as a judge at the World Cup,
– on April 18 at FMX School, followed by a Da Boot Party in Musano (TV),
– on April 25 judgeing World Cup in Munchen,
– on May 2 with a hometown event in Ponte Nelle Alpi (BL), with his whole team of newcomers for a unique show.

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