European Championship “Night of the Jump” – München
Leonardo Fini
had a last minute call to take part to the “Night Of The Jumps” European Championship stop which took place in München on April 25. It went wery well!
Leo ranked 5th in qualifications, then got 6th place in finals and 3rd place in whip contest, tied with teammate Max Bianconcini. This confirms that working hard eventually pays!

David and Leo bikes on Freestyle Xtreme
After the success of Alvaro’s bike, is the time of Davide Rossi and Leonardo Fini’s ones. Freesyle Xtreme online magazine has dedicated two articles to these fantastic creations, which you can see here and here.

Da Boot Superpark shooting
On 27 and 28 of April Alvaro organized a shoot for Freestyle Xtreme at DaBoot Superpark. Beside the local riders Rossi, Botteon, Poggiana and Fini some good name of FMX such Martin Koren, Libor Podmol and Rob Adelberg had fun on the park’s features. We will see very soon on Freestyle Xtreme pictures and footage of the shoot, produced respectively by Christopher Breda and Davide Dal Mas.

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