Rossi and Fini
The duo Rossi-Fini has become really strong; now the couple has established itself in the international scene. June will be intense and memorable for them…

June 6 they will perform in Graz at Masters of Dirt, first time for both at this big event!

The following weekend they’ll move to Hamburg for two days of competitions at IFMXF European Championship.

From Hamburg they will come back in Italy to ride at Davide Rossi Invitational, which will take place right in Davide’s hometown on June 19th. Then , the 27th, they will move to Fiume Veneto for “I Signori delle Rampe” show by DaBoot

Matteo Botteon
Matteo Botteon is come back in the game after his wrist injury. He performed well a few weeks ago in his hometown, and now he’s headed to Koln (Germany) to perform the whole month of june at Flik Flak Circus.

Jason Cesco
Even Jason Cesco’s long forced break has come to an end. The physiotherapist Luca Filippin gave him the green light: finally J can resume his activities and begin with his mx and snowmobile training.

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