Da Boot Superpark
Last week the DaBoot Superpark hosted a shooting a little bit different from the others… Along with Alvaro, Icio Poggiana and Leo Fini the park held the staff of TuStyle magazine. Together they worked on a fashion shooting set in the world of FMX: the piece will be released in the August issue of the magazine.

Fiume Veneto Freestyle Show
Saturday 27 DaBoot the crew moved to Fiume Veneto (PN) for a show branded “I Signori delle Rampe.” The day began with the Mototherapy, which has enjoyed a high approval rating, confirming itself as one of the best activities made by DaBoot. Unfortunately, the evening show could not be held because of bad weather; the organization has decided to postpone the event to another date in the upcoming months.

MP Icio invitational
The home event of Icio Poggiana has gathered many of the DaBoot riders in Galliera Veneta (PD), for a great show that mixed good tricks and electronic music, followed by a magnificent afterparty.
The MP Icio is now confirmed as one of the most interesting events of the summer!

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