Davide Rossi
He has participated, along with its partner Leonardo Fini, to the DaBoot demos organized in conjunction with the MotoGP in Misano Adriatico, showing off all his style and his large bag of tricks. Meanwhile he won “Aqua Battle”, jet ski race organized by Red Bull as a side event of the motorbike event.

Leonardo Fini
Leo is collecting successes abroad. At MMCR FMX, event organized by Petr Pilat in Czech Republic, he finished at the third place, behind Pilat himself and Martin Koren. Rossi follows the wheel with a 4th place.

Matteo Botteon
He recently participated in the show “I Signori Delle Rampe” in Fiume Veneto with Leonardo Fini, Davide Rossi, Samuel Dottori and Luca Bertola. A few days later he performed at Cadore Motor Games with Jason Cesco and other members of DaBoot team.

Jason Cesco
After being in France at the World Quad Championship, where he performed with the French riders (Izzo and others), he took part in his home event “Cadore Motor Games”. He is now making a small break from the exibitions, which he’s exploiting to train in view of the many events that are awaiting him in the next few.

Icio Poggiana
Icio was involved in various shows during the summer; the last in order of time are those of Jesolo and Crocetta del Montello. He is now working on the improvement of his 360. He is, so far, the only italian rider who has landed it!

Next appointments
Gladiator Games – Prague – October 24th
Genova SX – November 7th
EICMA – Milano – November 17th – 22th

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