Press and Web
After his presentation, Alvaro’s Kawasaki KX 450 F party fluo edition has a lot of coverage on magazines and websites around the world; not only off-road, FMX and motorsport world, but also television news such as italian Studio Sport spoke about it. A few weeks ago the bike was exhibited at the Fakuma tradeshow by Piazzarosa Srl, who wanted to give an example of his laser engravings in this “out of standard” application.
Even Dirt Biker magazine from German dedicated to Alvaro’s Kawasaki the double opening page of its last issue.

Events and appointments
Alvaro was in Prague at the Gladiators Games with his two riders Leonardo Fini and Jason Cesco. From there, he immediately moved to Dubai for the final of the Red Bull X Fighters, in the role of judge. From November 19 to 22 he will be with the team DaBoot at EICMA, the international motorcycle exhibition in Milan, in Motolive area.

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