The thing that has always helped me to practice freestyle motocross at its best is the audience: all those people who applaud you and see you as something unreachable, a champion, a hero.

I always jumped on a bike trying to devote what I did to those who watched me, considering myself luckier than them – or better, thinking to have the mission of giving emotions, happiness and pleasure. Often, after the shows, I hanged out with the people more than the other riders, just to give a little bit of my time to who has made many sacrifices to reach me, even if only for a signature, a picture or a few words.

Today my mission continues. I dedicate what I like to do to the people who are less fortunate. Every time I meet them my life fills of joy; they are perhaps doing more good to me rather than vice versa. It makes me feel good, it gives me the determination to try to live to the fullest and not to waste the gifts we have.

When I look around and I see those around me, I understand so many things and I am proud of my friends and my team. I am surrounded by real people. And it is for this reason that we are all here, a great family, to do the mototerapia. All this is pretty cool, the few hours that we devote to those guys are immensely loaded with emotions and happiness. When I’m sad these things cheer me up and fill me with joy.

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