Alvaro in late June has been engaged as a judge at the Red Bull X Fighters in Madrid. The jury this time was made up of riders who have participated in previous editions of the event: to be called to work closely with Todd Potter, Edgar Torronteras, Ronnie Renner, Alex Koleshnicov and Drake McElroy was a recognition of the good job of the past years.

Back to Italy Alvaro moved from a show to another as organizer, coordinator and manager. He has been to the Master X Awards, a series of high-caliber events in our Adriatic sea towns, to Sergio Bianconcini Memorial, organized by Max Bianconcini in his hometown Loiano, and to Skonvolt Party in Carpi, show with a tribute to the beloved friend Kevin Ferrari.

There have been several occasions for mototerapia: one was organized at Sergio Bianconcini Meomorial, another meeting was held in Aviano, for the benefit of the young patient of the town Oncology Center, to finish in Gorle (BG), where after a show which saw the participation of the entire DaBoot crew was held a mototerapia equally beautiful and participated.

Meanwhile, in the DaBoot Superpark in Belluno, were filmed a video for Dunlop, and the Megashoot 2.0 for FreestyleXtreme magazine. Soon you will see both of them published!

Red bull has dedicated a piece to the FMX school, read it HERE (italian only)


September will be full of appointments:

– Second edition of “Fuori Cena”, new project developed by friend Vanni Oddera

– Nocera Umbra FMX Show – September 3

– XMasters in Riccione – September 4

– Moto GP in Misano, Arena 58, FMX Show – September 9 and 10

– Ottobiano PV, opening of the new Caresana’s MX track, with the whole DaBoot – September 16

– Susa TO, FMX Show – September 17

– Chivasso TO, Motoraduno Club Bisko, FMX Show – September 18

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