Leonardo Fini

The new season is started in the best possible way. After the official confirmation of Leo for the whole IFMXF Night of the Jump World Cup circuit, the first few races have gone very well. After his comeback from a little injury, he took part to the first three races still not fit at 100%, but he has already make clear that this time keeping him behind will be tough for his rivals. In the three races in Basel and Berlin he has obtained a 9th, a 7th and 6th place.

X Off road has dedicated an interview that portrays him as the stronger Italian rider in the international circuits, and which explains the sacrifices and the difficulties to achieve this results. His coverage on the web and on social networks is growing exponentially.

Next appointments: February 26 Leo will be at X Riders in Punta del Este, Uruguay, with part of his fellow riders of the Da Boot team; then he will be in Krakow for the 4th World Cup stop, on March 26.


Davide Rossi

David is doing very good as well. He took part at the King of Xtreme of Leipzig, Germany, where he contested between big athletes like Andre Villa, Jimmy Squib and others.

Next appointments: February 26 hewill be as well at X Riders in Punta del Este, Uruguay; 10, 11 and 12 March he’ll be in Rome for the Motor Day, and then at the Night of Freestyle, March 26 in Bremen.


Matteo Botteon

Matteo has already taken part in his first event of the year, a show in Massa (IT) together with Massimo Bianconcini and the team leader Vanni Oddera.

Next appointments: February 26 he will be as well at X Riders in Punta del Este, Uruguay; 10, 11 and 12 March he most likely will be in Rome for the Motor Day

James Trincucci

The young gun James, after returning from his commitment in Germany with FMX4Ever, is preparing for his next events: the Motor Days the 10, 11 and 12 March in Rome, and the demo on 25 and 26 March together with Vanni Oddera and other colleagues of the Da Boot team.

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