After the two World Cup legs in Switzerland and in Berlin, on February 26 Leo has been in Punta del Este, Uruguay, for the first edition of X-Riders. It was a great show, in which were present other seven riders of the Da Boot team. Public, organizers and participants of the mototerapia were really enthusiast about the show.

On March 25, Leo continued the Night of the Jumps World Cup, this time in Krakow (Poland). While he wasn’t in his best physical condition, he has scored a great race, staying out of the final by just one point.

With the spring he has begun a real workout along with Alvaro, to get back in shape and finish the season in the best possible way.

Lately Leo had a great coverage, thanks to Night of the Jump, Forty8 and the South American press.



Davide continues to collect great achievements. At the X-Riders in Uruguay he showed his skills, winning two races and taking a second place in the step-up, and having a great appeal with the South American audience.

After Uruguay he flew directly to Rome for Motor Days, where he performed with other riders of the Da Boot team.

He also got invited to one of the most important show of the international FMX scene, the Masters of Dirt in Vienna, where he has stood amongs the others for his technics and his power.

Soon after it was the turn of the Night of Freestyle in Bremen, where he earned the first place in the race MTB Vs. FMX.

He also has having a good coverage on the social networks and the main freestyle motocross webpages.



 After taking part in a private show for an important company of lubricants, Matthew as well was committed to XRiders in Uruguay, which counted more than 8000 spectators. Later he was in Grosseto, where he has performed with part of his team for a two-day demo.



 After the forced stop due to an injury, training has begun again. He will soon be back in the game, in several appointments with the Da Boot team.



Returning from winter after his commitments abroad with FMX4ever, James in March was busy event Motodays of Rome where the team in addition to performing he took part, as usual, an edition of which MotoTerapia It had a large participation.

James also was involved in a photo shoot with Vanni Oddera and Alexey Kolesnikov, set in the beautiful landscapes of Pontinvrea.



Masters of Dirt – Linz, April 1: Davide Rossi

Motor Show – Longarone (BL), April 9: Matteo Botteon, James Trincucci and Andrea Bof

IFMXF Night of the Jump WC – Monaco, April 22: Leonardo Fini, Davide Rossi

Pisa -28 April / May 1: Matteo Botteon and James Trincucci

Mototerapia – Savona, May 10: Leonardo Fini, Davide Rossi, Matteo Botteon, Jannik Anzola, James Trincucci and Andrea Bof

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