Alvaro has recently been involved in the first four stages of the IFMXF World Cup as a judge, as well as manager of Leonardo Fini, who has took the 4th position in the last stage.

At the “Motor Bike Expo” fair in Verona, Magnet bike was exhibited at the opening night, and was appreciated by many VIP guests from the motorsport scene.

Alvaro and part of the DaBoot crew went to Uruguay for the first edition of the X Riders event. The show, produced by Alve and his staff, was a great success, and has to be considered the most important sports event of the year in Uruguay.

A few weeks ago was held the first edition of the Longarone Motor Event; mototeraphy and the FMX show were the most important content of the weekend.


Magazine, Media and Social
The video shot at Arabba Superpark, in which Alvaro enjoyed snowparks jumps with his bike prepared with studded tyres, was aired on Italia1, highlighting alternative sports in Sunday’s schedule, usually voted for football.

The German magazine Dirt Magazine has devoted eight pages to Kawasaki Magnet, calling it the best bike ever seen; The bike also had space in the GQ website.

X Offroad, in addition to the monthly column written by Alvaro, also published an article about Alve’s performance at Arabba Superpark.


Upcoming events
May 16, Alvaro, Davide Rossi and Leonardo Fini will be in California for Nitro World Games qualifies; this is an unique opportunity to try to qualify for this important race, held in Salt Lake City in June.
In early June he will be in Hamburg, last leg of the first part of IFMXF world championship.
In the meantime, he will continue to work with Da Boot in several events held in Italy.

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