I am ready to challenge the limits. History puts them, men must overcome themselves to generate other obstacles that will be overcomed. It is sport, as in life. […] (Cit. Valentina Vezzali)

Despite all the commitments he had had in these two months, Davide managed to add another piece to his puzzle. After so much effort and a lot of work, he created the facilities needed to train at his home in Tuscany. (foam pit and some new ramps).
Davide, after coming back from the USA, where he participated in the Nitro World Games, was involved in many important events such as MotoGP Sachsenring, Kings of Extreme, MotoGP Spielberg, Shooting for Freestyle Extreme, Rally World Championship, Gorle demo (Bergamo), Shooting for Wega, MotoGP Misano, Collestrada (Perugia)
X Off Road magazine has dedicated to Davide a fine article in the issue of last July.



James in the last months has been busy with various events, to name some: Monster Jam World Tour in Lyon, Gorle, Urban Show in Brescia and many Mototerapie.
The shows where a huge success, with a big affluence from crowds that where ready to cheer and admire the tricks performed by the Team.
Last month He rode as the subject for official KTM photo shooting for the new KTM Freeeride-e, and along with the rest of the DaBoot team in the video/photo session for the famous magazine Freestyle Extreme
Apart from the shows, James is concentrating on raising his riding level by doing specific and aimed training both on and of the motorcycle, and trying to gain as much feeling as possible with his new KTM 250sx 2017, that will be presented soon with a totally new look from the last “black edition”.



Andrea, in this last months, took part to some events among which: Mornico al serio MX race, Gorle Mototerapia and the Swiss Ducati day, which was his first event abroad.
Furthermore he partecipated to two shootings at Daboot Superpark, one for Freestyle Extreme magazine and the other one for Wega.

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