VFL explores the FMX discipline by collaborating with Alvaro Dal Farra and the Da Boot team, who brought their sport to middle schools, talking about sports values, MOTOR THERAPY and life in general.

The result is a documentary which will be released in 3 different steps on VFL Facebook page:

  • Wednesday December 6th, at 4pm, the 1st part of the video will be online
  • Monday December 11th, at 4pm, the 2nd part of the video will be online
  • Tesday December 14th, at 4pm, full video, with english subs, in fullHD and 4k, will be available on Venice Freestyle Lab youtube channel.

Meanwhile you can watch the video teaser and an interview with Alvaro here: https://venicefreestyle.com/stories-alvaro-dal-farra-vfl/

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