Alve is always super busy. In addition to having organized countless events in Italy with Da Boot, he closed the 2017 season with EICMA and Motor show: the team, under his coordination, has performed in the two largest exhibition venues in Italy.



He appeared a lot on the web, social networks and printed media.

X Off Road writes about the Italian and international FMX every month through the eyes of Alve. In the last issue we can read about the experience of his rider Leonardo Fini, who finished the 2017 season in 6th place in the world ranking.

Alvaro also wanted to talk about his new purchase, done together with his partner Massimo Bianconcini: the Bag Jump Lander. This airbag has to be mounted on landings to make them safer to try the most innovative and extreme tricks. This new structure will help keep the fmx park and team riders at the forefront of the international FMX scene.

Also the magazine 2 Ruote has dedicated a nice article to Alve and its snow bike, reporting photos and technical details of this very unique bike.

Issue 21 of Freestyle Xtreme is also out, with 10 pages dedicated to the Mega Shoot 3.0 Day / Night, a video and photographic shooting at Alve’s Da Boot Superpark. The video and the article tell the very “natural” spirit of the 24 hours spent in the park, when riders lived, laughed, ate, slept and rode together, taking advantage of the sunset and sunrise hours for their tricks.
LINK for the online version of the magazine – LINK to the video

Alvaro accompanied with his snow bike the team Frangivento and their supercar up to the ski resort of Monte Cristallo, in Cortina D’Ampezzo. IL GAZZETTINO titled: “The bolide challenges wind and frost and reaches the Cristallo”.
LINK – LINK to the video

VFL spoke about Alve’s new project: he tells about his experiences and teaches children about the importance of the values ​​of life and sport, to live well and with enthusiasm.
Part 1 – Part 2 – Full video 

Wega Coffee Machines company, which has been supporting Alvaro for some years, has started a new communication campaign, Wega Dream Real. “Dreams are part of our life. Dreams inspire us, make us more alive, the present more real “. Among the seven “superheroes” who tell their experience there is also Alve.
Look at the project HERE

XXL, broadcasted by Italia1, took an interest in Alve, who competed on the snow with Vanni Oddera: Snow Bike vs. Motocross. How it will be? Watch the video HERE to know it.



In addition to the Mototerapia of Milan and Bologna, Alve and crew have given the disabled people of Belluno, among whom those followed by “Società Nuova”, some special moments. Arriving on their bikes dressed as Santa Claus, the riders were greeted with enthusiasm and joy by all, conveying joy and positive feelings in the name of Christmas.
HERE the video about Belluno – HERE the video about Bologna

Also the appointment with the children of the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa could not be missed: Alve, Vanni Oddera and Massimo Bianconcini helped by other friends and sportsmen have been able to give a special day to children who unfortunately are forced to cures that “prevent children to be children”.
Italia1, in the XXL section of Sport Mediaset, showed a report of the day, presented by the great Ronnie Mengo.
LINK to the video



– Shooting for SKY SPORT – Nissan the Quest – SnowBike
– Photo Shooting for Moto 4 – SnowBike
– X Riders – Uruguay, 11 February
– Alvaro at School, meeting with the boys of the ITC Segato – Belluno, 15 February
– Night of the Jump – Berlin, February 16th and 17th
– DEEJAY XMasters & Super Bowl – Alleghe BL, 24th and 25th February

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