The winter season has come again to its end. Alvaro was able to make the most of the cold months of the year, engaging himself on several fronts.

In February, Alve and part of his crew moved to Punta Del Este, Uruguay, for the second edition of the X Riders. There they took care of all the organizational part of the event (which was a success), demonstrating excellent professional skills.

On his return it was time for the Night of the Jumps in Krakow, Poland, which saw him as a judge.

Much of the last few months have been dedicated to the Snowbike project. Between video and photo sessions, and days dedicated to pure fun, Alvaro introduced this emerging discipline to the public.

Among other things, always with his snowbike, Alve earned the first place in the category at the Dominator Night of Alleghe (BL).

Alve also spent two days in schools for the “Ride to Party at School” project, in which he met the students of the ITIS Segato and the Leonardo da Vinci Institute of Belluno. Watch the videos here:

Going back to the snow: for the second time, together with his friend Max Tosi, Alvaro and crew organized the SledTerapia, a fantastic day dedicated to people with disabilities. Watch the video here:

The series of commitments ended at the Tombolo Motors Racing with the Da Boot riders, for a fantastic Mototherapy and a show of great quality.

The Snowbike will soon be on Sky Sports, in a service on Nissan the Quest. You can already find the number 22 of Freestyle Xtreme mag online, with a piece also focused on Alve and the snowbike. Here the link:

The magazine Enduro Action has dedicated a nice article about it as well, with the presence of Alvaro, Davide Rossi and Max Tosi. Here the web preview:

X Off Road (found in newsstands throughout Italy) tells about Alve’s social projects, Ride to party at school and the last official shooting done at Da Boot Superpark, shot at dawn and dusk.

Il Gazzettino and Corriere delle Alpi, local newspapers from Belluno, have recounted Alvaro’s activities on several occasions, following him in his “adventures”.

The Da Boot Superpark was also stormed by a Russian crew, who spent part of their time in Alve’s park during an European filming tour, considering it one of the most complete and interesting.

MTV has dedicated space to Alve and its snowbike with a video shot during the Deejay X Masters Winter Tour:

The appointments with the Mototherapy continue: the next scheduled will be on May 12th in Fiume Veneto and on May 17th in Varazze (surely the most awaited).

On 11th, 12th and 13th June, Alvaro will meet the guys from the Castion Campus (BL) for summer activities.

5th and 6th May – DaBoot FMX show in Ponte a Tressa (SI)

May 12 – DaBoot FMX show in Fiume Veneto (PN)

17 May – Mototherapy in Varazze (SV)

18, 19 and 20 – International Motor Days in Porto Sant ‘Elpidio (FM)

June 2nd and 3rd – Xtreme Days in Sacile (PN)

June 16th and 17th – Kawasaki Day at the Modena racetrack

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