A rich season full of events and shows has started for James. in the last moth he has been busy riding in various events in Italy such as: Roma Motordays, Expo motor Pontedera and “un midollo per matteo” thant had the purpose to collect funds for bone marrow donation.

 Last and not least james rode in Vanni oddeera’s  “mega moto terapia”  that took place in Varazze (SV), the entire team participated in this beautiful event that had a enormous affluence of participants.

furthermore in the last few days he was busy with altar and other riders in filming for the new video from VFL (Venice Freestyle Lab) that took place in belluno in Alvaro’s daboot super park.

Now James has just returned from a small pause in his native land (Isle of Man) , and he is ready for new events and to upgrade his level of riding with a full program of training with his team manager Alvaro Da Farra.

In the next few weeks he will revel his new bike look and other announcements.

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