Long summer full of appointments for Alvaro.

his video produced by WEGA participated in the video competition “YouCamera” organised by Camera di Commercio di Milano, Brinza and Lodi as best video made by the displayers of Fiera di milano. Quality, Originality and creativity; capability in developing original themes; consistency in business values where the virtues expressed in this experience.


in this last summer period he has been busy both in Italy and Europe as a guest, coordinator, responsible, speaker, technician in various events organised by him for his team, such as, Motor show  di Fiume Veneto, International Motor Days di Porto Sant’ Elpidio, Sacile Xtreme days, Kawasaki Day Modena Autodromo, BMW show Garmisch, Davide Rossi Invitational, Senigallia X Masters, Sx Cup Brescia, Sergio Bianconcini Memorial – Monterenzio, Milano Rally Show, Beregazzo con Figliaro, Swiss Ducaty Day, Notte Bianca di Folgaria, Bologna – Made in Est,  MP Icio Invitational – Bassano, MotoGP Misano – Cattolica Motor Circus.

Within this events, one of the most important was the “serge memorial” where Alvaro Took place as a rider in the FMX show, riding in honour of the great Sergio Bianconcini and the moto GP of  Misano where Alvaro put tighter a team for a show in Cattolica in a unique setup where the riders jumped on a bridge that connects the 2 parts of the city. But not only, because he gave an unforgettable day to some disabled guys inside the paddock of the MGP, there the met their heros and visited the boxes and hospitalities of the official teams.




within the classic social activities such as the mototerapia in porto Sant’ Eplidio, Sacile extreme days, Davide Rossi Invitational, Senigallia Deejay X MAsters, Sergio’s memorial, Rally Show Monzaand Beregazzo con Figliero, we have to remember the National Mototerapia done in Varazze that climbed a huge success hitting record numbers of 400 kids from all over italy.


Camp Nevegalitos:

Beautifull experience where middle school students spent 3 days with Alvaro in this first ever after school camp. They got to live 3 experiences divided in 3 days. In the first day, Alve talked about his life throw videos and stories. On the second day the kids assisted to a training session in the foam pit with the riders Leonardo Fini, Andrea Bof and Christian Savonitti that is in a wheel chair that is personally followed by Alvaro, that wants to do a backflip with a motocross bike. Also the young students experienced the foam pit, jumping in by foot. On the third day the went to the fmx park, where this time even Mattia Cattapan, other rider in a wheel chair that drives cross karts, with other daboot riders performed in front of 80 disabled from società nuova. huge experience for everyone that assisted at the training of the riders and had a go riding with them on the bikes. The best part and the most educative was the experience between the disabled and not kids, that fused together in a completely natural way, everyone had the same fun and did the same things, big sign of equality and simpleness of life,

Salta l’ Aperitivo:

New social project created from Alvee, Bianco and Vanni to create a particular situation in their parks to be able to organise an aperitif, where this natural locations, transformed for the night in a sort of special club. Flying bikes accompanied champagne in the guests glasses that enjoyed a unique show. This project was born in the spirit of collecting funds to build apartments that will be for the families off ill kids of the hospital Gaslini of Genova, so they can stay close to their kids in treatment and have a place to sleep with no costs.

Sport Action Days in Pontinvrea:

Another fantastic idea from Vanni and the team DaBoot that created a entire day dedicated to disabled kids. Pontinvrea transformed in a huge sports park with many different activities open to all, to be able to share everything between disabled and not. It was a full day, crowned by a mototerapia and a night time show that had a good affluence of spectators.



Sky Sport started the summer remembering the winter with a special on Alvaro and his snow bike, where we seen him in the dolomites in the sky resort Alleghe riding his kawasaki kx 450 f snow bike on the perfect powder of the last snow season.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT6uenRpxFU    

still on sky on the channel Automototv dedicates a program on the milano rally show, that once again seen altar and his team the stars of the show. Alvaro talked about the show and their activities.

The magazine Just bikers ( page 136) talked aboutt whayt happened in San Salvatore : https://issuu.com/just-magazine/docs/just_bikers_24x32_nr._1_lr

X OFF ROAD on the pages kale Mr. FMX he talkes about the fmx world, and about the last X-Games and how this sport is developing.

Gazzettino e Corriere dell Alpi, The local news talk about him in diverse occasions about the new projects and developments.

The daboot superpark has been hosting the video shooting with Venice FREESTYLE LAB, soon the edit will be out where you can see Alvaro and his riders in a training day. this park is still one of the best spots in europe to train in this sport.



15 settembre Cairo ligure – Da Boot Demo

16 settembre  Vado ligure – Da Boot Demo

17 settembre  Torino Regina margherita – Freestyle hospital

21 22 settembre Enduro Day – Lastreghe, Ponte Nelle Alpi (BL)

6 Ottobre Night of the Jump Colonia

6 -11 Novembre EICMA

6 al 9 Dicembre Motor show di Bologna

15 dicembre Supercross Torino

15 dicembre World Cup la Villa Alta Badia – Da Boot FMX entertainment

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