The month of July for Matteo was rather hectic, starting with the 4th of July in which “Salta l’aperitivo” took place at the Daboot superpark in Lentiai: it was a charity event whose proceeds went to the Gaslini hospital in Genova in aid of less fortunate families!

Ten days later in Pratovecchio (Tuscany) Matteo participated in the “Davide Rossi Invitational” an event created by a member of the DaBoot that saw about a thousand participants!

The day after Matteo left for Verolanuova (Brescia) for the Italian supercross in which he took part and three shows during the day, the audience was numerous and warm!

On July 20th, instead, the Skonvolt Party was held in Modena, a big event organized in memory of Kevin Ferrari in which many of the team members performed in front of the boy’s audience and family … during the last show of the evening it was shown a slide with video and photo memory, it was very touching, but at the same time exciting.

A week later in Bologna Matteo has performed at the “Sergio Bianconcini Memorial”, an event organized by Massimo Bianconcini in memory of his father, in addition to the real shows there was another Salta L’Aperitivo and also the mototherapy that saw the protagonists some disabled children, the audience was consistent and the event was very nice!

A couple of days later in Beregazzo with Figliaro (Como), Matteo took part in three events organized by some local guys in memory of the brother of one of them, but in addition to the show was also held here the therapy with some disabled boys, it was a blockbuster and the spectators were enthusiastic!

Towards the end of the month there was the “Sport Action Day” in Pontinvrea, an event conceived and organized by Vanni Oddera in which to give the opportunity to children and some disabled children to try a great variety of sports, during the day Matteo is been seen participating in three shows that have excited children and not!

A real day full of fun!

In August, Matteo focused on organizing and training for his “Enduro Day” event that took place on the 21st and 22nd: the first day the mototherapy was held in the morning, which saw participants in eighty boys disabled people who had a lot of fun!

During the evening, however, there were three events with the fmx shows, many members of the DaBoot team performed with Matteo and there were more than 2000 appearances!

The following day was dedicated to the endurata that for three years has been done in the grounds of Latreghe, there are 1000 attendances between participants and visitors!

On the first day of September in Rosà there was the Icio Invitational, a show organized by a friend in which Matteo showed his skills by winning the first prize.

In October Matteo together with another member of the team left for Lleganès (near Madrid) for a big event held in an arena, the show was seen by 5000 people.

In November, in addition to Eicma, where the great mototherapy took place on Wednesday with about 300 guys excited to do their bike ride and spend a day in the company of the boys of the team, Matteo left for La Coruna (Spain) where participated in the “Masters of Freestyle” in an arena, the event was structured to race, more competitive than a normal show, the spectators were about 20,000 and it was a real success!



We arrived at the end of season 2018, even for David was an intense year of commitments.

The last to which he was summoned are the following:

23 October the shooting for Shoei was held at the Superpark in Belluno to present the new models of helmets (DDS).

24 October, shooting VFL Venice.

On November 3rd at the Gladiators Game, Prague (Czech Republic) was convened for the third consecutive year. The most historical event in the world of freestyle, with a turnout of 18000 people, confirming already for the 2019.

Here you have the video:

Davide is preparing his best to face the most anticipated event in Italy, the 15 December will take place: Torino Supercross, Dovre will face with American riders and not only. He’s waiting for you to see what he’s capable of!!!


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