James in the last months has had a lot on his hands, first of all he decided to change his machine and “go to green” and ride for kawasaki on the new 2019 KX 450, he has already gained a good feeling with the new bike.

The Manx rider decided to inaugurate the new kawasaki for a very important event, the 4th edition of the “salta aperitif” organised by him.

The event had a grate success with a good affluence of people in a suggestive location. The charity event was possible thanks to the enormous help from Villa la Ripa and Taverna dei Brignti that supplied respectively high level wines and incredible quality food creating moor of a dinner feeling then an aperitif.

Another news is the realise of his new Profile video “James Trincucci Freestyle Motocross Passion” dedicated to all his sponsor that believe in him, the edit was filmed and produced by the young video maker “Manuel Caparco”. James in the video not only shows his riding skills but talks about how the passion for this sport started as well.

The video was realised just in time for another important appointment, EICMA, the international motorcycle show. James showed off his riding skills along with his team mates, and demonstrating the constant rising level of this sport. In this years edition the bad weather did not hesitate but this didn’t stop the riders from performing in every show, three shows every day. Only on one of the days the rain stoped, and it was for the Mototherapy, the whole crew rode for 400 disabled, and like always it had a huge success.

The season is now at an end, but this dose not stop James from training to achieve a higher level of riding.



The summer has ended, but not Leo’s determination to work hard, and Leonardo has demonstrated it.

The list of events is long, but we wont list them in order, so we will start from the “salta l’aperitivo”, a charity event organised by Massimo Bianconcini in Loiano (bologna).

Very important and extremely well prepared was the world championship competition “night of the jumps”, that took place in Cologne (Germany) where Leo passed the qualifying session in 6th place, with a huge satisfaction in his new trick the “egg roll” and his forte the “caliroll”.

Check here the competition: https://www.nightofthejumps.com/blog/livestream-cologne

Now lets talk about other events, starting from russia (Sachalinsk) in an event of the russian rider Alexey Kolesnikow, and the supersross in Briennon, in front of 14.000 spectators, where he rode once again with the top riders, invited by Brice Izzo, french rider.

Why not go and ride in a spanish bull arena? yes, Leo for two consecutive times rode in Masters of Freestyle in Spain, but unfortunately didn’t manage to beat the 4 times world champion Melero in the semi finals.

We can certainly say that it has been an excellent period, but we can not forget that there is one last appointment for this year, on the 15th of december we will see him busy in riding in Torino at the supercross.

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