Judging an international competition like the Xgames is no small thing. You are called when in your career you have succeeded in gaining the respect of the riders and the public. This is why Alvaro always answers this call with great competence. On August 29th and September 29th he played the role of judge at the Best Trick and Best Whip competition in the Freestyle Motocross discipline in Oslo.

“I found myself judging pilots with whom I shared the stress and the races, and it is an aspect that I really like about this task: the riders know that my judgment is based on respect for their work and for this sport”, Alvaro emphasizes.


On 14 September the first edition of the Redbull Dirt Diggers, a new format presenting the most innovative FMX disciplines, was staged in Halde Lohberg in Germany: in addition to the classic race with ramps, the Freeride on track with natural jumps, sections and obstacles of different features and the Big Dogs competition, based on jumps up to 40 meters.

Also on this occasion Alvaro was called to express his opinion, alongside pilots like Alexey Kolesnikov and Fabian Bauersachs.

“When you are a judge in competitions like these you happen to find riders who know your story, they know you have gone through their own difficulties and they respect you for it. A very important balance is created between those who jump and those who judge; in my case everything is always smooth and this gives a particular satisfaction. It makes me feel ready for the next race. I don’t get on the bike with the other riders, but in a way I’m still there! ”


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