Show, mototherapy and freestyle hospital: rain of events between September and October for Alvaro Dal Farra and the Daboot pilots
After training and a well-deserved rest in August, September and October Daboot pilots were once again the protagonists of international events and shows, without ever forgetting the social commitment that led them to carry out various mototherapies and meetings in hospitals.
13, 14, 15 September
Misano Adriatico was the master. We participated in the MotoGP at the Arena 58and we set up a very important mototherapy event, attended by riders Davide Rossi, Leonardo Fini, Matteo Botteon and Vanni Oddera, while at the South Motor Expo in Avellino, fixed stop of the Daboot team, Davide Zilio, Andrea Bof and Massimo Bianconcini were involved.
On September 13th Alvaro Dal Farra, Andrea Bof and Davide Zilio were engaged in a very important Freestyle Hospital at the Pausillipon in Naples, where they brought positive smiles and vibrations to the young patients of the cancer ward and received as much energy in return.
On September 14, Leonardo Fini and James Trincucci from Misano moved to Leonessa in the province of Rieti for the Motocavalcata, one of the most important Enduro events in central Italy. Together with Vanni Oddera the Daboot pilots set up the main square and did a freestyle motocross show.
From there the crew with Davide Rossi and James Trincucci moved to Turin where a show was performed at Casa Ugi while at Regina Margherita together with Vanni Oddera there was space for a freestyle hospital and a mototherapy event.
On 20 and 21 September the Enduro Days were held at Lastreghe (BL), an event organized by Matteo Botteon with the Daboot riders Andrea Bof, Davide Rossi and Jannik Anzola who participated in the Friday therapy and Saturday performances.
On 28 September, in the presence of Alvaro Dal Farra in Cittadella (PD) it was held Una marcia in più, the event organized by the pilot Daboot Mattia Cattapan founder of Crossabili: the main square of the city lit up with a mototherapy in the afternoon and an excitinh freestyle motocross show in the evening. Davide Zilio, Davide Rossi, Matteo Fini and the same Mattia Cattapan have performed and collected funds that will be used to take a few days on vacation two hundred disabled children, a way to get them out of everyday life and live satisfying and positive experiences.
Meanwhile Matteo Botteon and James Trincucci performed at the Motor Passion in Frosinone on September 28 and 29, while the team composed of Leonardo Fini, Davide Rossi, Dan Serblin and Alvaro Dal Farra moved to Milan for Eicma for Kids, an event dedicated to children and organized by the Lombardy Region and Eicma.
October started in the best way, with a performance by Leonardo Fini, Andrea Bof, Dan Serblin and Alberto Prosdocimi of the Daboot team at the Daytona Beach in Jesolo on 5/6 October, an event on the beach that has attracted great numbers of visitors and closed with concerts and an evening party.
On 5 October, Alvaro dal Farra, Davide Rossi, James Trincucci, Davide Zilio and Luca Bertola turned on the Novi Ligure Energy Day, an event organized by the Daboot pilot Alessio Ponta, with an afternoon motor therapy and a very amazing evening performance.
On October 6th another team captained by Vanni Oddera with Matteo Botteon and James Trincucci performed in Biella for a Daboot event.
“I really appreciate the work of my drivers: the Daboot team is like a family. In particular, what I try to do with them is to allow difficulties, stress and fears to be discharged on me. Thanks to my experience, I try to be a magnet and load on my shoulders the jitters and fears that every driver inevitably brings with him, because jumping is very dangerous and the pleasure of doing it is always at the limit with fear, “says Alvaro Dal Farra manager of Daboot pilots.

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