The commitments that saw Alvaro Dal Farra protagonist during September and October 2019 were turned mainly to the social. The manager of the Daboot Team is always ready to spend itself to entertain special boys and their families through sport and engines.


Together with the Daboot pilots and in particular thanks to the volcanic Vanni Oddera, on September 23 in Pontivrea Alvaro closed the filming of Fear and delirium, the documentary on friendship between disabled children and pilots of freestyle motocross. Such as? Through a special day, spent in the woods jumping with motorcycles, eating together, partying and sleeping in tents.


From there Alvaro moved to Milan and participated in the Ciapa il disabile, event supporting the Daboot pilot Mattia Cattapan in raising funds for special boys. The day ended with a mototherapy: everyone riding with Alvaro, Mattia and Massimo Bianconcini filling up with adrenaline and positive sensations, true medicine for the mind and the body.


On September 28th Alvaro was in the front row at Cittadella for the event Una marcia in più with Mattia Cattapan and 200 special boys for whom a mototherapy event and a fundraising event was held. In the evening, the Daboot pilots gave spectacle attracting thousands of spectators and filling up with smiles and applause.


The next day, everyone in Milan for an event dedicated to the very young: Eicma for kids, wanted by the Lombardy Region, with the Daboot team led by Alvaro Dal Farra always the front row.


In Belluno, on 3 October, Alvaro participated in the evening of delivery of scholarships to the children of deserving employees of the De Rigo Group, he took the stage of the Teatro Comunale and told his experience together with the Olympic champion at the bar Igor Cassina.


On October 5, Alvaro moved to Novi Ligure Energy Day organized by Daboot pilot Alessio Ponta, participating in the afternoon motor therapy and evening performance.


It was also interesting on 11 October the meeting that Alvaro carried out at the Huracan company in Venice, producer of innovative electrically propelled transport vehicles, which he was able to test in person. The dialogue is open and we will see if something good is born for everyone!


On 12 October Alvaro cycled for the Comitato Pollicino during the 24H San Martino, event at the Belluno stadium. In the evening he participated in Santa Giustina at a conference on the subject of sport and disability, together with Mattia Cattapan and many other athletes.


On October 14, the team and Alvaro were guests of the TV show Vivi Cittadella, where they told the team’s activities and the event that took place in September Una marcia in più.


On October 16th the third National Mototherapy of the year 2019 took place in Franciacorta, with the participation of over 300 special kids and many activities: freestyle and street bikes, track rides with super cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus and Abarth and off-road vehicles. There was even a helicopter available to make the day even more special and unforgettable. The fun was general, the mototherapy perfectly successful, everyone came home more charged and happy with how they had arrived and this thanks to simple feelings, linked to sport, motor skills and the friendship that is created spontaneously on such occasions.


On 22 October Alvaro participated with Leonardo Fini at the International Motor Days in Civitanova Marche to shoot a spot along the streets of the city.


The activity continues, stay tuned!

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