2019 was a year full of activities for Christian Savonitti, a Daboot Team driver with disabilities followed directly by Alvaro Dal Farra.

Christian was in fact one of the protagonists of the national mototherapy held in Belluno on 5 June, he performed at the Pordenone Motori fair in July, collaborating with the Marco Simoncelli association, at the Misano Adriatico MotoGP from 13 to 15 September and finally pulled out all his determination during Eicma 2019, from 7 to 10 November last, when with the whole Daboot team he performed stunts and jumps to the limit of the possible in front of an audience of thousands of people.

“In events like these I always put it all,” says Christian Savonitti, “because I want to show that even after an important trauma like mine, getting back on the bike is possible and gives the same adrenaline rush of a time!”

Christian is 24 years old, lives in Gemona del Friuli in the province of Udine, and works as a clerk in the technical office of a company in the area. He is a Freestyle Motocross rider who jumps and performs on a motorbike despite the disability caused by an accident that occurred while he was training on a private track at the age of 15.
This event did not mean for Christian the abandonment of the engines: since then he has started running and competing with karts alongside other able-bodied athletes. He has participated in the Triveneto, Slovenian and Austrian category championship and has always fought for the best results.

Until 2017 where in Misano Adriatico, participating in a Mototherapy organized by the Daboot Team and Alvaro Dal Farra, Christian returned to riding a motorcycle.

It was like a revelation: that day two years ago he rediscovered the motivation to return as a rider on a two-wheeler and compete again.
Alvaro also believed in it. They adapted a vehicle, practiced constantly on the cross-country track, in the foampit and in a circuit with the kart.

Not a week goes by that Christian doesn’t put all of himself to improve his performances and reach new goals, proving once more that the will is what makes the difference and that with the right preparation even the impossible can become reality.