Leonardo Fini: fifth place overall in the Best Trick snowbike race at the XGames in Aspen.
Alvaro Dal Farra, Daboot: “Fantastic experience. And for next year we aim even higher!”

Arezzo and Belluno, 27th January 2020 – He arrived at the XGames as the seventh driver in the race and returns home with two positions gained. Leonardo Fini, top rider of Team Daboot originally from the province of Arezzo and trained by Alvaro Dal Farra from Belluno, has in fact won fifth place overall in the Best Trick race in snowbike at the X-Games which ended tonight in Aspen, Colorado.

The only Italian and European rider to have ever been invited to participate in these “sector Olympics” in snowbike, Leonardo performed two jumps gaining a total of 68 points. The victory went to Canadian Brett Turcotte with 79.33 points, runner-up Morgan Kaliszuk, third Jackson Strong. The favourite, Australian Rob Adelberg, placed fourth, just ahead of Italian Leonardo Fini who performed a Calirol as first jump, and a Helicopter as second.

Leonardo Fini’s race
Leonardo Fini gave Aspen his all. He made some very good jumps both in practice and in the race.
In the final in Aspen, also because of the very fresh snow, the front ski of Leo’s bike during the landing did not slide optimally. This didn’t allow him to reach the maximum score, besides giving him a blow back to the head which the rider suffered in part. As a second jump Leonardo opted for another figure. The execution and landing were very good and Leo finally scored well. But for a pilot and his coach there is no limit to the best, Leonardo and Alvaro are already looking to the future with a desire for revenge.

The snowbike is a very demanding bike: it is in fact a motocross bike, but without the wheels. In their place the rider has to steer a rear track (for Leonardo, among other things, a long, uncut track like the one worn by the other riders) and a front ski. Balance is everything, riding this bike: even the slightest imbalance can be very expensive. In fact, if during the flight the pilot doesn’t maintain an absolutely perfect position, it can happen that you crash on the landing or even fall off the bike, as happened to some pilots during the Best Trick final in snowbike in which Leo participated.

Daboot Innovation
Daboot was the first and only team to bring a major structural innovation to the snowbike with which Leonardo Fini jumped to the XGames.
The front ski of his bike, in fact, did not mount a wheel underneath like all the others, but metal foils, an innovative solution born from Alvaro Dal Farra’s analysis of the working dynamics of the wheels normally used in snowbikes.
After a confrontation with Jeson Cesco, snowmobile rider of Team Daboot, Alvaro and Leonardo decided to mount under the front ski of the snowbike for the XGames some handcrafted rounded edges: the Vidiam. Leo’s bike in Aspen actually proved to be the most stable of all, flowed better and was manageable. The riders of the other teams looked with curiosity at the innovation brought by Daboot “and I’m sure that next year everyone will arrive with front skis like ours”, Alvaro underlines.

The comment by Alvaro Dal Farra
“It was a fantastic experience” – says Alvaro Dal Farra manager Daboot – “Leonardo gave his best, he was always positive, he analyzed the situation and managed every phase of training and the race very well, even the moments of tension. Leo is a great rider, he runs well, he gives gas, he knows how to ride the snowbike very well and I’m sure he will have his chance to climb even higher. These XGames have given us the charge. In Aspen they saw us, they appreciated us, they even feared us a little bit, we got in tune with the race and the organization. I’m sure we’ll come back next year and do very well. Although, let’s face it: a fifth place as first appearance at the XGames is not bad at all!”

We would like to thank the companies and brands that support Leonardo Fini: Shoei, Oakley, Fox, DC, Alpinestars, Rtech, Dunlop, Kite Parts, Steels Motocross, Sunstar, Braking, Black Bird and TM Suspension and those who with their support made Leo’s participation in the X-Games possible: International Motor Days, Storm Energy, Luxuryspa Srl and RF Moto.

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