Leonardo Fini selected at the X-Games at the end of January in Aspen for the Best Trick in snowbike.
First and only European to compete in this discipline, the Daboot rider trained by Alvaro Dal Farra enters the legend.

There isn’t a rider in the world who doesn’t have a dream of participating in the X-Games.
It is a goal that is mostly impossible to achieve: in fact, only eight drivers are invited to these “Olympics” of the sector, selected with the utmost care because it is the most exclusive competition and the figures that are expected to be seen, edition after edition, must be breathtaking, of great technical value and stylistically perfect.

Leonardo Fini, driver of the Daboot team trained and followed by Alvaro Dal Farra, seventh classified at international level in the FMX season just ended, arrived at this goal.
Leonardo will fly to Aspen, Colorado, from 23rd to 26th January 2020 to compete in the Best Trick race in snowbike, the first and only European to jump in a discipline so far exclusive to American, Canadian and Australian riders. He will be the first rider to be called to jump in case of impossibility or disqualification of the previous six.
He will ride a Kawasaki KX450 equipped with a Yeti 120 kit that turns it into a snowbike. Alvaro Dal Farra is taking care of equipping the bike in the best possible way and making the equipment you need to fly overseas, as well as following Leo day after day in training and in the search for maximum concentration.

In November and December 2019 Leonardo perfected a snowbike jump worthy of the X-Games with Alvaro. The application was completed, the jury had the opportunity to evaluate the jump of the Daboot rider, giving him an excellent judgment. The official communication of the selection arrived a few days ago to Alvaro Dal Farra, coach and manager of Leonardo Fini.

“It is a great satisfaction for me that Leonardo was able to enter such an important competition, a great result that I arrive as a coach alongside an extraordinary driver” – comments Alvaro Dal Farra – “Leonardo works a lot, believes in this sport and perhaps so far he has collected little compared to all the dedication and commitment he has invested. He deserves this achievement and the opportunity to give his best to the X-Games. We are working hard so that he can make the most of this experience and take Italy back to the top in freestyle motocross”, concludes Alvaro.

“There are no words to describe how I feel” – Leonardo Fini points out – “when you see these races since childhood and follow them on TV and in the newspapers, you daydream of being there one day, with your favourites and the drivers you have always followed. This dream is about to come true and I feel I have to thank everyone, my wife, friends, Alvaro and the other drivers of the Daboot team who are giving me a huge hand to have everything in place also from an organizational point of view. My feelings are positive, the important thing is to go there and have fun and whatever happens I will take home an important page that I will put together with the best memories and that, brick by brick, is building my career. These are events that will stay with me forever, whether I win or lose I can finally say I jumped once at the X-Games. Or maybe it could be a door that will open a lot more doors, who knows!” – concludes Leonardo.

We would like to thank the companies and brands that support Leonardo Fini: Shoei, Oakley, Fox, DC, Alpinestars, Rtech, Dunlop, Kite Parts, Steels Motocross, Sunstar, Braking, Black Bird and TM Suspension and those who with their support help to make the trip to Aspen possible for the X-Games: International Motor Days, Storm Energy, Luxoryspa Srl and RF Moto.

Belluno, 15 January 2019

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