Matteo Botteon news – dec/jan

After the Christmas break, Matteo participated in the XRiders of Punta del Este, Uruguay, which saw him tour together with some DaBoot team riders and two US riders. On Saturday morning was held the mototherapy, in which participated about eighty boys with different disabilities, while the actual event took place the following day. The show […]

Great success for the Mototerapia held May the 4th in Savona!

The thing that has always helped me to practice freestyle motocross at its best is the audience: all those people who applaud you and see you as something unreachable, a champion, a hero. I always jumped on a bike trying to devote what I did to those who watched me, considering myself luckier than them […]

For the first time the mototherapy rides a snowmobile

The mototherapy, conceived some years ago by the rider Vanni Oddera and continued to this day by all members of DaBoot, is now well established. Last week’s mototherapy on a snowmobile, however, was a premiere! On Wednesday, February 24, Alvaro and his staff, along with DaBoot riders Jason Cesco, Davide Rossi, Jannik Anzola and Leo […]

Mototerapia – Ride Off Park – 20 Luglio 2015

This year we dedicated again a day to mototherapy at Ride Off Park. The association “Ragazzi del Sole”, which operates to integrate into society all children with developmental disabilities related diseases, was our host for the day. The morning passed quickly between jumps, photo, motorbike rides, smiles, cries, hugs, handshakes and more. The event was attended by nearly sixty kids, […]

FMX School – May 29th and 30th – Gallery

Some good tricks from my guys at the fmx school on May 29th and 30th. Good job guys: Andrea Bof, James Tricucci, Arianna Marocchi and the new entry Zilio! Credits: – Alvaro Dal Farra GoPro – Ermanno Osti

Ciao Kevin R.I.P. … We love you, spaca tut!

Maybe I was the first one to know what happened today,.. Here I am, hiding away with my computer, searching for you, and there you are, I am reading all the posts and comments, accompanied by photos that remind us of you, and people are saying their parting message to you. Maybe it’s me, trying […]

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