For the first time the mototherapy rides a snowmobile

The mototherapy, conceived some years ago by the rider Vanni Oddera and continued to this day by all members of DaBoot, is now well established. Last week’s mototherapy on a snowmobile, however, was a premiere! On Wednesday, February 24, Alvaro and his staff, along with DaBoot riders Jason Cesco, Davide Rossi, Jannik Anzola and Leo […]

Ciao Kevin R.I.P. … We love you, spaca tut!

Maybe I was the first one to know what happened today,.. Here I am, hiding away with my computer, searching for you, and there you are, I am reading all the posts and comments, accompanied by photos that remind us of you, and people are saying their parting message to you. Maybe it’s me, trying […]


Sunday, october 19th we will do a FMX school day, at Ride Off park, in Sant’Anna, Rosà (VICENZA), via Volta. We need to understand who will be there and who is interested to come. You must have a valid ASI license for motocross 2014 to take part to the class. The meeting will be Sunday, October 19th at […]

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