Matteo in April Participated at the video shooting of VFL in the DaBoot Super park. In May, he rode in the Shopping Center of Fiume Veneto where he jumped in bit shows and mototerapia. The week after also he performed in the Mototerapia of Varazze organised by Vanni Oddera. By the end of the month […]


One of the last events he participated in was “mostra scambio d’epoca” in Grosseto, where the wind didn’t make the riding easy but as usual daboot dose not pull back and manages to get a good show with a good affluence of spectators of all ages. Furthermore Andrea with Matteo Botteon rode in the shopping […]


A rich season full of events and shows has started for James. in the last moth he has been busy riding in various events in Italy such as: Roma Motordays, Expo motor Pontedera and “un midollo per matteo” thant had the purpose to collect funds for bone marrow donation.  Last and not least james rode […]

Fini & Rossi News

Leonardo Fini During his last training sessions Leonardo landed his first eggroll on quarter, a very important trick, to be performed in future competitions. Meanwhile Fini has been involved in several demos: Tombolo (PD) – 30/04 Ponte a Tressa (SI) – 5-6 /05 Nurburing (DE) 11-12/05 Varazze (SV), mototerapia – 17/05 Motor Days, Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM) – […]

Andrea Bof news

After Christmas holidays, Andrea participated in the Deejay X-Masters in Prato Nevoso along with two other bosses of Daboot, Vanni Oddera and Massimo Bianconcini. Challenging riding conditions, given that the demo took place on the snow of the ski slopes, but the heat of the audience warmed our riders guaranteeing an impressive show. The first […]

Leonardi Fini – Winter 2018 News

The 2018 season hits the ground running, with Leonardo taking part in the first stage of the IFMXF World Cup Night of the Jump in Basel (CH). All in all it was a good performance for Leo who, hit by fever and flu, still managed to gain the ninth position. After Switzerland, Leo immediately left […]


Cosa c’è stato e cosa c’è dietro al mio sogno. Ho fatto passare dei guai ai miei genitori per la mia passione, ma ne è valsa la pena e li Ringrazio per la pazienza. Sono passati 5 anni da quando Alvaro Dal Farra mi ha presentato a Michele Monti , Vanni Pinin Oddera e Massimo Bianconcini ad Eicma, e li si è realizzato il mio primo sogno nel cassetto !! Non ci credevo che avrei fatto parte del team di cui attaccavo le foto nel diario di scuola. Non è stato facile come a tanti sembra, sono caduto molte volte, giudicato e rimproverato, ma grazie alle persone attorno a me mi sono rialzato. Più di un Team noi siamo una FAMIGLIA!!!Inoltre volevo citare anche chi non è presente nel video ma mi ha aiutato tanto:Anna Collarin (la mia ragazza), Cristopher Breda (Video maker) Luca Sighinolfi (Allenatore mentale), Luca Filippin (Fisioterapista TOP), Enrico Cassol (Preparatore atletico), Enrico Collazuol (mi ha portato a prendere la prima Ktm), Paolo Vendramini (Sindaco), I Vigili di Ponte tutti, Hassan Saad ( Basi musicali ), Marco Resenterra, Simone Feltrin, Andrea Codoro #ridetoparty #athenalive #AthenaMotorsport #gopro #ogioint #braking #dedo_racing_official #ariete #blackbird #oakleymotorsport #oakley #shoei #shoeiitalia #cimettolatesta #alpinestars #rtechmx #logicamotocross #kiteparts #tmsuspension #sunstar #kiniteam #kiniracing #braking #fmx #motocross #enjoylife #dreamingnature.

Pubblicato da Matteo Botteon su Mercoledì 28 febbraio 2018

Matteo Botteon – 5 years in DaBoot – video

This is what is behind my dream. I put my parents in troubles for my passion, but it was worth it and I thank them for their patience. It’s been 5 years since Alvaro Dal Farra introduced me to Michele Monti, Vanni Pinin Oddera and Massimo Bianconcini at Eicma, and they made my dreams come […]

Matteo Botteon news – dec/jan

After the Christmas break, Matteo participated in the XRiders of Punta del Este, Uruguay, which saw him tour together with some DaBoot team riders and two US riders. On Saturday morning was held the mototherapy, in which participated about eighty boys with different disabilities, while the actual event took place the following day. The show […]

Davide Rossi news – jan/feb

November’s issue of USA-based TR Magazine contains an interview of Davide. In January 2018, Davide was called up for the “Kings of Extreme” in Leipzig (Germania). The event, sold out, saw Rossi as one of the protagonists. Then Davide and his companions Daboot travelled to Uruguay, south america, for the second edition of “X-riders”. Davide finished […]

Leo Fini on Italia1

This is the new video profile of Leonardo Fini, aired on italian broadcast Italia1, during “Sport Mediaset”, last sunday. Leo tells what it’s like to be an FMX rider and living this sport at the highest level, with consequent difficulties and satisfactions.

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