KAWASAKI KX 450 2021 – 3D CORE Wild Style

Alvaro Dal Farra has a lot of skills but one of these is that touch of great originality that he always demonstrates making his motorcycles, always using cutting-edge products and technologies.

After the great success of the 3D Core, made in 3D printing, Alvaro added an evolutionary upgrade, inserting a new structural part, the suspension linkages, made in Additive Manufacturing with innovative metal alloys.

The levaggio has been rethought to take inspiration from the concept of optimization of nature, reaching 2 goals through complex shapes:

  • Extreme weight reduction
  • Increased stiffness

And then, to achieve the coolest style for this project it is necessary to rethink about the past.

The fairings, made with HP multi jet fusion technology, are colored and with some graphics reminiscent of the 1991 Kawasaki KX.

The graphic style and the combinations made with technology fully remember it and let us go back in time around that historical “Wild Style” period where the music was rap, there were graffiti, breakers and MCs doing contests and challenging the other crews.

The 3D Core Wild Style maintains the “standard” line of the KX 2021 but thanks to the new processing the bike is more complete; the details of this motorbike are totally enhanced.

  • Technology: Additive Manufacturing – DMLS + an innovative aluminum alloy designed for the aerospace sector at Motorsport
  • Design: ALTAIR and nTopology
  • Engineering: Structural and improvement engineering study
  • Design: line innovation and style


  • Motorcycle: Kawasaki KX 450 2021
  • Idea: Alvaro Dal Farra & Codoro Studio
  • Concept and Design: Codoro Studio
  • Mechanic: Andrea Casagrande and RC Moto 86
  • Plastic 3D Printing Technology: HP
  • Material: m4p ™ StrengthAl
  • Topological Optimization: ALTAIR INSPIRE
  • Reticular structures: ntopology
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing: PUNTOZERO
  • Laser Engraving: Standex Engraving Mold-Tech
  • Anodizing: Dedo Racing
  • Painting: Michele Battistin
  • Seat cover: Blackbird Racing
  • Brake discs: braking
  • Transmission: SunStar
  • Tires: Dunlop MX53
  • Assets: Tm Sospensions – Tiziano Monti
  • Special Parts: Motocross Logic
  • Wheels and Components: Kite Parts
  • Video and photos: Cristopher Breda
  • Video and photo director: Codoro Studio
  • Communication and Web: Marco Resenterra


Andrea Codoro, Cristopher Breda, Marco Resenterra, Simone Feltrin, Pigna, Michele Battistin, Codoro Daniele, Angie, Mattia Cattapan, Giacomo Biasion, Alberto De Polo, Simona Arena, Ivan Vecchio, Elia Schiavi, Francesco Leonardi, Paola Somma, Thomas Pettenò, Valla, Sara, mum and dad.

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